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What We Do

We here at angry avian abatement have the skills and resources to make those bird problems you are mad about go away.

Angry avian abatement has over ten years of experience in resolving bird problems.

Nuisance birds can cause many problems where ever they try to live. The droppings from roosting birds can cause structural damage as well as spreading disease

Our team of raptors naturally teach these pests that there are other safer places for them to be. These natural predators, paired with other techniques (i.e. trapping, hazing, etc.) will greatly decrease, if not eliminate, your bird problem.

Pest Birds

Besides being unclean and unsightly, bird droppings have a pH level of 3.5 - 4.5 easily eating through the protective paint and metals the longer it sits. Causing detrimental weaknesses to structures. Pigeons and starlings will weigh down electrical wires by staging on them, nesting in electrical boxes and in nooks and crannies.

Salmonellosis- Droppings in consumables

E. coli- Droppings in consumables

Histoplasmosis- Respiratory Disease

Candidiasis- Respiratory Disease

Cryptococcosis- Respiratory and Pulmonary Disease

The pest birds can also spread fleas, mites, and west nile virus.

Industrial and Commercial

Angry avian abatement has years of experience in the industrial and commercial industries. The problems caused by nuisance birds in these fields can vary. Their droppings can cause structural damage as well as be aesthetically unpleasing. For a brief overview of the work we have done in the past. Some of which has included removing roosting grackles out of shopping and business centers where they were defecating on cars overnight. In industrial settings, our focus is usually (but not limited to) pigeons and starlings roosting in these industrial areas(refineries, power plants, processing plants). The droppings cause structural damage and are also responsible for spreading disease. Bird droppings in confined areas can be become a real problem. Those same confined areas are also where the birds like to roost .


Our nations farmers work very hard all year long to produce the food we eat. However all that work can be destroyed when pest birds decide to drop by for a snack. A large flock of starlings will cause thousands of dollars in damage to crops when they decide to feed. Our tried and true falconry abatement practices can put a stop to that. Those crops are far less appealing to eat when the birds are worried about being eaten themselves.

Our Team

Jordan Turner is a master falconer with over 15 years experience.

Taylor Turner is a general falconer with over 5 years experience.